Import Customer from WordPress to Magento

A simple way to import customer from WordPress to Magento System:

  • Export customer from WordPress site to csv file.
  • Modify the header of csv file follow this one:
    ID website firstname lastname email password_hash billing_firstname billing_lastname billing_company billing_postcode billing_city billing_street1 billing_telephone billing_country billing_region shipping_firstname shipping_lastname shipping_company shipping_postcode shipping_city shipping_street1 shipping_telephone shipping_country shipping_region group bob.
    website field is website code of Magento site. You can check code of your Magento site by this way:  System -> Manage Store.
    Group must be General
  • Next, go to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow Profiles (Note that we will not go to System -> Import/Export -> Import) -> Import Customer -> Upload File -> Up file this CSV with header modified above -> Save -> Run Profile -> Run Profile in Popup
  • Sometime you will need to add this line to the index.php file: ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 300); to increase the execution time.

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