WordPress database structure

understand more about how WordPress setup database:


Some worth notes:

  • Database tables have the wp_ prefix by default. You can change this when you configure your site but there isn’t much value to it.
  • The core table is the wp_posts table, where most of your data will be stored. This holds (almost) everything else together.
  • Only one table isn’t attached to any others – the wp_options table. This tables stores data about the site and the WordPress installation, which isn’t related to data about posts or users.
  • Two tables are used to store data about taxonomies – these will be explained in more detail later in this series.
  • The wp_users and wp_comments tables are not linked – although it is possible to specify that users have to be registered to comment, WordPress doesn’t actually store data about comments against each user who has posted them.
  • A multisite installation will have some extra tables. I haven’t included those here as that’s outside the scope of this tutorial.

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