Monthly backup for WordPress using UpdraftPlus and Amazon S3

Monthly backup for WordPress after launching is a very important task to do. There are many ways to backup your WordPress website. In this post, I will introduce you an effective way to backup your WordPress website using UpdraftPlus plugin and Amazon S3 service.


Setting UpdraftPlus

Once you installed UpdraftPlus into your website, you can go to the settings page by navigating Admin Sidebar Menu > Settings > UpdraftPlus Backups

Or navigate UpdraftPlus > Settings.

OK now you are in the UpdraftPlus Settings page, there are 3 important things that you will need to do:

Backup Schedule

In this case, I’m setting up backup daily and keep 10 backups version in a row. But if you don’t want to use too much Amazon S3 storage to save your money, then change from 10 to 2 is OK.

Configure Amazon S3 In UpdraftPlus Settings

Choose Amazon S3 in the remote storage list. You can also choose another remote storage services like Dropbox, Goole Drive… But Amazon S3 is easiest and you can reuse it for multiple websites without being redirected to Google and Dropbox for authorization.

Then scroll down, you will see this section, there are 3 fields that you will need to fill up: S3 access key, S3 secret key, S3 location. You should be able to get this information from Prepare step.

Regarding S3 location field, I recommend you to use this format: {your-bucket-name}/{your-website-name} because it would help you to keep your backup files on Amazon S3 in well organized.

Choose What To Backup

Next step, choose whatever you want to include in your backup. I usually choose everything because it called BACKUP.

If you are here then you are well done. Press Save Changes and go to your Amazon S3 bucket to check your backup files.

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